Star Whores is an especially fucked up pop song about what Pandora would wear if she went to a Star Whores party.
It was a lot of fun recording this - things like "enunciate dildo" and "I think I put it in the wrong hole" were running gags...
We just about managed to fit the 10 Pandoras of various levels sluttiness and all the Mayas and Alettas in the Tigersonic Galactic space studio in Islingtonia, and General Xfile was able to reign them all in.
There was a slight incident with General Xfile kidnapping Princess Pandora during a recording session, but the ransom was paid and the gossip hushed thanks to a horde of space whores and starhorses in Wood Green appearing on Labor Day.
We are happy to report that Princess Pandora has been reinstated in her Palace on Arnosgrovlek.


STAR WHORES - (Lyrics and chords)
A e g d
Chewbecca, Princess Leia, or Yoda,
What should I wear?
Got no idea what a space whore would say if she saw what I was wearing on this Star Wars day
Star Whore
Star Whore

Han Solo or Han Sola, short shorts and cowboy hat
Dildo light sabre what the fuck is that
Or a brown robe with only what God gave you underneath?

G d a
Wanna be in Star Wars like Princess Leia
Don’t wanna be me for a day, yeah
Gonna blow those star whores away….

Space Whore, Space War, Star Wars, Star Whore
Gonna be star whore on the day of the 4th
Hoping the force gonna be with you through it all
Obi Wank Enobi and the daughters of the wild side
All space whores, jedi knights in fish net tights…
Star Whore
Star Whore
(ad lib)


from Star Whores + Ring Tone Pack, released May 4, 2017
All vocals by Pandora
All flutes by Lila Maya
Washboard, bones and drum kit by Aletta Verwoerd
Produced by Felix Xfile Macintosh at Tigersonic Studios, London
Mastered by Chris at Blacklisted Mastering



all rights reserved


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